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Nine organizations submitted ten proposals in 2012.  All proposals were accepted and seven have been completed. Check out a video of highlights from the 2012 program.

Arizona Department of Administration/Government Transformation Office – Leading participating state agencies through a structured approach to defining a problem, mapping a process, collecting process data, developing solutions, and measuring improvement.

East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) – Developing a plan of action to address the problem of some school counselors discouraging students from pursuing a career skill.

East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT)  – The exploration of an ASU/ Intel/ EVIT college prep class in engineering or quality management.

Gilbert Fire Department – Developing a long-term sustainment and development plan of the Electronic Patient Care Report (EPCR) software application.

Extended Campuses of Northern Arizona University – Unifying practices and capturing data surrounding outreach to the communities and constituents/influencers served.

Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine & Health Sciences –  Implementing data mining technologies to help control costs and improve the efficacy of patient care.

Sonoran Schools – Making our organization’s SYSTEM/CULTURE better and align with current best practices.