Examiner Duties & Application

Examiner duties include:

  • Submitting an examiner application
  • Attending and successfully passing examiner training
  • Learning and applying Baldrige core concepts, values, and criteria 
  • Thoroughly reviewing  assigned application(s)
  • Developing application scoring and comments
  • Participating in a ½-day to 5-day site visit at the applicant location(s) or via virtual or hybrid site visit
  • If participating in an on-site visit, examiners pay for site visit expenses and are reimbursed by SWAE.

While there are opportunities for examiners to serve year round, the majority of a SWAE examiner work occurs between May to November.  Examiner applications are due in June, and completion of examiner training is required.  The SWAE Performance Excellence Program Schedule outlines all timelines.

Apply to be a SWAE examiner today!


  • Knowledge and training on the internationally acclaimed Baldrige Excellence Framework
  • Development of analytical, teamwork, interviewing and consensus building skills
  • Networking and benchmarking opportunities
  • Hands-on experience that will add tremendous value to your own organization in enhancing its performance
  • A chance to contribute to your state’s and region’s economic well-being
  • Exposure to proven innovative best practices in leadership, strategic planning, and more
  • A “resume booster”
  • Complimentary ticket to the annual SWAE Awards Banquet
  • Potential for continuing education credits
  • Certificate of recognition
  • Potential for special recognition and awards


Businesses and organizations also benefit when they have a SWAE examiner on staff. Examiner training empowers employees to apply the Criteria at their own jobs, improving processes and results along the way. In addition, employers enjoy:

  • Economic growth, as the organization applies the examiners’ knowledge and experiences
  • Access to intensive, free training for their workforce
  • More valuable employees
  • Recognition as an organization that values performance excellence
  • Access to on-hand experts who can lead internal improvement efforts
  • Recognition as a good corporate citizen