Our Mission
To empower organizations to pursue performance excellence, improve outcomes and contribute to the economic strength of their community and state.

Our Vision 
Be a recognized leader in advancing organizational excellence

Core Values 

  • Act with Integrity and Transparency
  • Add Value to Stakeholders
  • Commit to Excellence and Making a Difference
  • Execute business in a Respectful and Ethical Manner
  • Work Collaboratively with a Passion for Continuous Improvement

Why We Do It 
As part of an alliance of diverse organizations and individuals committed to excellence and continuous improvement, we encourage the exchange of skills, ideas and learning. The aim is to grow as individuals, improve organizational performance and contribute to the well-being of our work systems, community and state.

How We Do It 

  1. Administer the Performance Excellence Program based on the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria; and annually recognize and showcase outstanding achievement in performance excellence.
  2. Train individuals to become experts at assessing and evaluating entire organizations or individual processes using the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence.
  3. Facilitate programs so organizations can share and learn proven best practices to achieve a competitive advantage.
  4. Provide organizations with a comprehensive, cost-effective performance evaluation with extensive feedback based on the Malcolm Baldrige criteria.
  5. Create and deliver relevant workshops, benchmarking tours and seminars that will develop the skills and knowledge of performance excellence professionals.
  6. Provide a dynamic environment for professional networking and knowledge sharing.

The Southwest Alliance for Excellence is committed to operating in furtherance of its tax-exempt purposes and in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, including those concerning accounting and auditing, and prohibits fraudulent practices by any of its board members, officers, employees or volunteers. If you have a concern regarding practices of any board member, officer, employee or volunteer, you may confidentially contact: Regan City, Chair of the Board at  reganbcity@gmail.com  or (602) 614-2609. No one who in good faith reports an ethics violation shall suffer harassment, retaliation or adverse consequence.