Membership in Southwest Alliance for Excellence (SWAE) is an investment in your organization. Organizations that are a part of SWAE see value-added through information and knowledge sharing, networking events, and opportunities for transferability of innovative programs and best management practices.

Just one person you meet or one concept you learn at one of our events can change the way your business operates, increase sales, or improve product viability, providing a high return on your investment.

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Annual Dues for Membership 

Organizational Memberships:
Small (2-99 employees): $275
Medium (100-500 employees): $550
Large (501 – 1000 employees): $1100
Very Large (more than 1000 employees): $1.10 per employee*
(*Rounded to the nearest hundred. Maximum $5500.00)

Individual Membership: $85

You can join by contacting us at or 480-874-5815

Our members

Organizations that join SWAE represent the best that Arizona, Nevada and Utah have to offer. Our members believe in the value of their employees and partners, the importance of delivering value to customers, and the power of continuous improvement. Join the Alliance and make your contribution to making this state a better place to do business!

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