Become a Member

Membership in the Southwest Alliance for Excellence is an investment in your organization. Organizations that are a part of SWAE can improve their performance through learning opportunities (Third Thursday Webinars, Lean Six Sigma courses, various workshops, and Examiner training), networking events (i.e., “Unmeeting” / Fireside chats), and opportunities for transferability of innovative programs and best management practices. 

Just one person you meet, or one concept you learn, at one of our events, can provide the impetus for changing the way your business operates to increase employee engagement, improve product or service quality and reliability, and increase customer satisfaction, resulting in improved profitability and providing a high return on your investment.

Some of the benefits of membership:

  • Discounts to Access Best Practices:  Benchmarking tours, workshops, and networking events
  • Discounts on Tools You Can Use:  Baldrige Framework and associated resources, webinars, conferences, and informational e-blasts
  • Organization-wide Benefits and Impacts:  Your organizational membership applies to ALL team members.

Organizations that join SWAE represent the best that Arizona, Nevada, and Utah have to offer. Our members believe in the value of their employees and partners, the importance of delivering quality products and services to their customers, and the power of continuous improvement. Join the Alliance and make your contribution to making the Southwest region a better place to do business!

Organizational Memberships:
Small (2-99 employees): $275
Medium (100-500 employees): $550
Large (501 – 1000 employees): $1,100
Very Large (more than 1000 employees): $1.10 per employee*
(*Rounded to the nearest hundred. Maximum $5,500.00)

Individual Membership: $100

SWAE also offers several levels of Sponsorship. Please click below to view the sponsorship tiers, benefits, and costs for 2024.