Past Recipients


Pinnacle Award for Excellence (Level 4) City of Henderson

Pioneer Award for Excellence (Level 4)    Mission Support and Test Services


Category Award for Excellence (Level 4)  Category 6 “Operations”   Yuma Regional Medical Center

Achievement Award (Level 3)  South Davis Community Hospital


Pioneer Award for Excellence (Level 4)  City of Henderson, NV

Category Award for Excellence (Level 4) Category 5 “workforce” Yuma Regional Medical Center, AZ

Achievement Award (Level 3)  Nathan Adelson Hospice, NV

Commitment Award (Level 2)  R.E. Darling Company, Inc., AZ


Pioneer Award for Excellence (Level 4)  Yuma Regional Medical Center

Interest Recognition (Level 1) REDAR (R.E. Darling, Co., Inc.)


Category Award for Excellence (Level 4) and  Category 1 “Leadership” and Category 5 “Workforce”
City of Henderson, NV

Category 5 “Workforce”  Nathan Adelson Hospice, Las Vegas, NV

Achievement Award (Level 3)  Yuma Regional Medical Center


Achievement Award (Level 3)  Nathan Adelson Hospice, NV

Commitment Award (Level 2)
Bristol Global Mobility, AZ
Montevista Hospital, NV
Phoenix Convention Center, AZ
Scottsdale Medical Imaging, AZ
Yuma Regional Medical Center, AZ


Commitment Award (Level 2)
Deer Valley Unified School District, AZ

Category Award – Category 5 “Workforce”
Student Development Center of the LDS Business College

Interest Recognition (Level 1):
Nathan Adelson Hospice, NV
Medical Security Card Company, LLC.

Showcase in Excellence Awards
University of Phoenix
“Admissions Intake Work Distribution Process”

University of Phoenix
“Office of Student Records Quality Control Process”

Yuma Regional Medical Center
“Reduction of Early Elective Deliveries”


Showcase in Excellence Awards
Arizona State Retirement System
“Online Member Statements”

Arizona State Retirement System
“Online Refund Process”

Deer Valley Unified School District, AZ
“Campus Improvement Plan”

University of Phoenix
“Prior Learning Assessment Professional Training Portfolio”

Yuma Regional Medical Center, AZ
“Reducing Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers: One Patient at a Time”

Pioneer Award for Excellence Recipient
City of Henderson, NV


Showcase in Excellence Awards
Deer Valley Unified School District
“Training New Certified Employees to Maintain a Continuous Improvement Culture”

Laboratory Sciences of Arizona/Banner Health
“Molecular Identification of Staphylococcus aureus from Positive Blood Cultures”

Scottsdale Healthcare
“Door to Balloon: 60 is the New 90”

Town of Gilbert Fire Department
“Electronic Patient Care Reporting”

University of Phoenix
“Official Online Degree Conferral Process”

University of Phoenix
“Transcript Acquisition Process”


Showcase in Excellence Awards
Banner Health
“Reducing Elective Deliveries Less than 39 Weeks”

Maricopa County Department of Transportation
“Pavement Management Program”

Rio Salado College
“Course Lifecycle Process”

Scottsdale Healthcare
“Nursing Units Storage Areas Standardization & Supply Scan”

Scottsdale Healthcare
“Pressure Ulcer Reduction Intensive Care Unit”

University of Phoenix
“Practitioner Doctoral Dissertation Review Process”

University of Phoenix
“Student Official Transcript Request Process”

University of Phoenix
“University Orientation Workshop”

Pioneer Award for Quality
Southern Arizona VA Health Care System

Category Award for Excellence
Arrowhead Hospital
Category 4
“Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management”