The annual SWAE Performance Excellence Program recognizes organizations for performance excellence. The program has been expanded to offer four application tiers at the Organization Level in addition to the Process Level.

»SWAE Performance Excellence Program Schedule
» SWAE Organization Level Application Guidance Manual for the Performance Excellence Program

Award Cycle Process

Applications are reviewed and evaluated by members of the Board of Examiners, in accordance with strict rules regarding conflict of interest, in a five-stage process:

  • Stage 1 – Independent review and evaluation by the individual members of the examiner team
  • Stage 2 – Consensus review and evaluation by the examiner team
  • Stage 3 – Site visits by the examiner team
  • Stage 4 – Review of examiner findings by Panel of Judges
  • Stage 5 – Due Diligence

FAQs about the Performance Excellence Program

What is it?

The Performance Excellence Program annually recognizes Arizona, Nevada and Utah organizations that excel in continuous improvement, quality and performance excellence.

Why should I apply?

The Program promotes:

  • awareness of quality as an increasingly important element in competitiveness,
  • understanding of the requirements for performance excellence, and
  • sharing of information on successful performance strategies and the benefits derived from implementation of these strategies.

Benefits include:

  • decreased time to market
  • an increase in new product sales as a percentage of total annual sales
  • increased employee involvement, empowerment, and productivity
  • greater customer satisfaction
  • increased return on assets and return on equity
  • increased market share
  • increased revenue
  • decreased cycle time
  • cost reductions
  • improved product reliability

But my organization doesn’t have a developed quality program…

All the better! Your organization may even get the most out of the program. The process you go through in submitting your application and receiving feedback from trained examiners provides a tremendous amount of benefit in many of your organizational processes.

How do I apply?

Any public or private, any economic sector and any small, medium or large organization can apply. There is an option to submit an application for feedback only. Every applicant seeking an award will receive a site visit.

Organization Level Awards

This application uses the current year Baldrige National Quality Program criteria and follows all standards for the top-level state award. There are 4 tiered levels of awards given in these categories:

  • Level 1 – Interest
  • Level 2 – Commitment
  • Level 3 – Achievement
  • Level 4 – Excellence

» Level 1 Application Form
» Level 2, 3, 4 Intent to Apply

Process Level Award

We are proud to offer the Showcase in Excellence Award as an additional opportunity for recognition to the Performance Excellence Award Program. Focusing more on specific organizational processes, we are confident that this program provides opportunities for participation from organizations that have not traditionally been involved.

SWAE Process Level Application Guidance Manual for Performance Excellence Program

Baldrige Excellence Builder

This brief guide to organizational performance excellence helps you understand  how well you are accomplishing what  is important to your organization: Are your processes consistently effective? Do your approaches address your organizational needs? How good are your results? Is your organization learning and improving? Click below to download the Baldrige Excellence Builder for free!

Baldrige Excellence Builder

Baldrige Cybersecurity Excellence Builder

With the critical focus on cybersecurity, the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program has partnered with the NIST Applied Security Division to develop a Cybersecurity Self-assessment tool that combines the Cybersecurity Framework with the Baldrige Excellence Framework. Security breaches must be dealt with when they occur, but by focusing on continuously improving cybersecurity management, more breaches may be eliminated entirely.

About Baldrige Express

The Southwest Alliance for Excellence is pleased to partner with the Alliance for Performance Excellence to offer Wisconsin organizations an affordable and easy-to-use assessment tool. Baldrige Express is an online survey-based assessment that synthesizes points of view from all parts of your organization, combining the benefits of survey speed with the accuracy and completeness of a written narrative.

Baldrige Express is…

  • Quick
  • Easy
  • Customizable
  • Versatile
  • Affordable
  • Universal

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