Free Webinar – Introduction to Communities of Excellence (COE)

A roadmap for leadership development, cross-sector collaboration, and data-driven planning and decision-making to achieve community impact.

Discover the key principles behind the Communities of Excellence Framework, a proven approach to fostering collaboration, innovation, action, and continuous improvement within communities. Whether you’re a leader in local government, a non-profit organization, healthcare, or a business looking to enhance your community impact, this webinar will provide actionable insights and next steps.

This year we completed the most comprehensive and significant update to the Communities of Excellence Framework we’ve done in our ten years as an organization! Join us and learn the what, how, and why of this new update including:

  • The critical of work our Equity Task Force to embed DEIA into the framework;
  • Key insights from current COE leaders and how these led to updated criteria for community excellence; and
  • What’s the same and what’s different from our past versions.