Baldrige Performance Excellence Program Update

The Baldrige Performance Excellence Program recently released a statement to the public announcing that they will not be running an award process in 2022. Embracing the performance excellence that is fundamental to continuous improvement and innovation, the Baldridge Performance Excellence Program, in close collaboration with leaders from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Department of Commerce, will institute a comprehensive review of the Baldrige Program to evaluate the program’s impact on addressing the challenges most relevant in today’s business environment and how best to increase accessibility.
The Southwest Alliance for Excellence (SWAE) is committed to partnering with organizations to ensure alignment with the Baldrige Excellence Framework, and we look forward to the improvements and innovation this initiative will drive for performance excellence programs at both the regional and national levels.
While that important work is in progress, SWAE’s 2022 Performance Excellence Program award cycle continues to move forward! Examiner training activities conclude this week, and we are receiving Intent to Apply for award applications up through June 29th.
We look forward to another enriching year of working collaboratively with our examiners, mentors, and judges to support applicants on their performance excellence journeys. We also express sincere thanks for the continued support of our sponsors, partners, and volunteers in upholding SWAE’s steadfast commitment to empowering organizations to pursue performance excellence, improve outcomes, and contribute to the economic strength of their communities and states.
Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.